We bind credit and political risk insurance cover for business-specific risk exposure. We operate with all major insurance markets including at Lloyd’s of London under firm pseudonym/number COF/1718.
Credit and political risks are an inevitable part of international trade as well as of most infrastructure projects. Industrial companies, merchants, banks and investment funds all have to deal with a wide range of counterparty and political risk exposures.

At Cofarco we specialise in the sectors where our expertise makes a difference. We take the time to understand the complexity of the business of our clients, enabling them to move their interest forward.

We are fast to respond and clear about the market appetite.

As finance specialists, we also pay specific attention to how an insurance policy fits in with our clients’ wider financial arrangements.

Scope of Service

We handle every aspect of arranging and managing your insurance cover.


We serve all types of organisations seeking to transfer credit and political risk.

  • Banks
  • Commodities Traders
  • Industrial Groups
  • Investors
  • Derivatives Brokers


Our markets consist of over 60 insurance companies located across the major global hubs of London, Continental Europe and Asia to which can be added regional multi-lateral underwriters operating in the Middle East and Africa.

All the insurers we work with have a credit rating of ‘A-‘ and above.

Transaction cycle

> Risk assessment > advisory on risk mitigation strategy > whole market search > negotiation on terms and conditions > policy structure and wording > policy management > claims handling.