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(Canada - Oil & gas company)
Financial Advisor and Debt arranger - Cofarco SAS

Transaction Description

Acting as financial advisor, Cofarco provided financial counsel to COPL, a junior oil and gas company focused in  Sub-Saharan African  assets, to raise a USD 30 MM senior debt facility. The financing will be applied to complete the development drilling on OPL 226 in Nigeria, through its JV partnership ShoreCan.


Cofarco Responsibilities


Cofarco, in co-ordination with COPL’s external and in-house advisors and team, was responsible for:

  • Finding alternative funding sources and targeting suitable specialised lenders;
  • Assisting in preparing a financial model and undertaking sensitive testing of the financial model;
  • Preparing a teaser and a tentative term-sheet for the contemplated Transaction;
  • Approaching and presenting jointly with COPL the Transaction to the selected lenders;
  • Centralising questions and answers on COPL’s operations and business and the Transaction with the selected lenders;
  • Advising on terms and conditions offered by the selected lenders and co-ordinating the legal documentation with the COPL’s designated legal counsel until closing.