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US$2 billion project
(United States - Coal Upgrading Project)
Co-Adviser - Cofarco SAS
June 2013
Cofarco is mandated as financial adviser jointly with a financial advisory firm in the US to raise equity funding or any alternative financing solution, to finance the first phase of the coal upgrading project.

Under the mandate granted in February 2013 and which is on-going, Cofarco is responsible for:


  • Defining a detailed work program for the search of the potential investors;
  • Assisting in the preparation of marketing and financial materials for presentation to such potential investors;
  • Identifying on an on-going basis a shortlist of potential investors which might be interested in investing in the project;
  • Assisting with approaching the selected investors and presenting the marketing materials;
  • Counseling the client as to strategy and tactics for initiating discussions and negotiations with the selected investors; and
  • In conjunction with the client’s legal advisors, assisting with the completion of the equity financing.