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US$30 million / 18-month
(Tunisia - Independant Oil Producer)
Lender(s) - being selected
Debt Arranger - Cofarco SAS
Request for proposal in progress
Cofarco financial adviser for raising US$30 million debt capital for field development project.

As part of this mandate, Cofarco is responsible for:


  • Acquiring and assimilating critical data on the project;
  • Drafting a transaction teaser introducing the client, the project, and the facility;
  • Identifying suitable prospective lenders or investors;
  • Evaluating the amont that each funding source is likely to provide, including a review of the pros, cons, and issues relating to each of the sources and the mechanisms through which such financing can be provided;
  • Centralising questions and answers from the financiers;
  • Reviewing all the term sheet offers received from the financiers and advising the client on the terms and conditions;
  • Coordinating the legal documentation with the client’s designated legal counsel until closing.